Our Small group Bible Studies Meet at 9:30 am each Sunday.

 (There are greeters at our Welcome Center to help you find the class for you)

Nursery (Bed Babies) – Teachers: Lilli Nichols, Tricia Parker

Nursery (Crawlers/early walkers) – Teachers: Kay Rowell, Karen Akridge, Tracy Murphy

Two Year Olds – Teachers: Vickie Banker & Barbi Flournoy, Room 100

Three Year Olds – Teachers: Jimmy Connell, Annolene – White, Room 101

Four & Five Year Olds – Teachers: Debbie Russell & Carolyn Wood, Room 105

Four Year Olds – Teachers: Andy & Kylie Ray, Room 103

Grade 1 – Teachers: George & Robin Pierce , Room 211

Grade 2 – Teachers: Betty Bowman, Janice Erwin, Georgianne Terry, Room 212

Grades 3& 4 – Teachers: Becky Crockett & Carol Montgomery, Room 209

Grade 5 – Teachers: Ray Banker, Daniel Garbisch, Room 207

MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL, AND COLLEGE meet in the Crosswalk – Student Center

Young Adults 1/Couples (ages 20-early 30’s) – Greg & Mary Gentry, Teachers; Room 202

Young Adult Couples – Zack & Crina Brock, Teachers, Room 201

Young Singles -Teacher: Matthew Terry- Singles house

Young Adults 2/Couples (ages 30-early 40’s) – Terry McNair & Joel Conrad, Teachers; Room 225                 Click   here to join their facebook group!

Women’s Class – Traci Powell, Teacher, Room 203

Median Adults 1 (Co-ed/ages 40-early 50’s)

Teachers: Bob Turner & Ken Taylor, Room 224

David Yelton & Larry & Debi Hutchens, Room 224C

Median Adults 2 (ages 50’s-60’s)

Teachers:  Katie Blount, Berean – Women’s Class, Room 226E
Bill & Ellie Loudermilk  Co-ed Class, Room 226B
Keiland Hairrington, Men’s Class, Room 226C
Jack White & Greg White, Co-ed Class, Room 226D

Median Adults 3/Buice Co-ed Class (all ages) – Teachers: Roy Gentry & Peggy Brett , Fellowship Hall

Senior Adults 1 (ages 60 and up)

Teachers:  Ken Lindsey, Teresi Men’s – Class, Room 225C
Deanna Cooper, Joy Women’s Class, Room 205
Martha Randall, Willing Workers Women’s Class, Room 225D
Dave Crockett, Dot Hardy Co-ed Class, Room 227

Senior Adults 2 (ages 65 and up)

Teacher: Cindy Taylor. New Beginnings/ Dorcas – -Women’s Class, Room 109
Ned Nichols, Barnabas Men’s Class, Room 111

First Steps (New Members) Class – Teacher: Jamie Powell, Room TBA

Summerhill  Nursing Home –Teacher: Carolyn Sutton