Did you know that FBC Perry supports nearly 11,000 missionaries in North American and all around the world?!  We support six seminaries in the United States that train thousands of men and women for ministries in the churches, Christian schools, community ministries,  counseling, and missionary service. We also support ministries in Georgia such as church planting, & 3   Baptist Colleges. How in the world can a church the size of FBC Perry do all of this and still have money to carry out our ministries in Perry?

The answer is the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Begun in 1925, the Cooperative Program helps Southern Baptists to do much more by voluntarily cooperating together in common goals than any one church could do by itself. Each of the approximately  45,000 SBC churches determines how much they will contribute to the Cooperative Program. FBC Perry currently gives 10% of our undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program.  By doing so, we are doing more here and around the world than we ever could by ourselves. Our ministry truly is world-wide.


Instead of taking 21 mission offerings, at FBC our projects and partnerships in our Acts 1:8 missions strategy are funded by Global Impact Offerings.  In addition, these offerings fund our gifts to the SBC Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, and World Hunger offerings. Global Impact Offerings are above and beyond the tithe and represent your personal commitment to give a certain amount over the next year in support of FBC Perry’s global mission efforts

It is easier to give over time than at one time.  In fact, you will be able to give more to missions by doing so.  Global Impact gives you the opportunity to give weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  You can use your offering envelopes provided by the church to give to our Global Impact Offerings.

IT IS EXCITING…to seek God’s guidance as to how to fulfill your commitment.  The Holy Spirit will work in creative ways, perhaps by leading you to employ better stewardship, by living a simpler life or by foregoing certain luxuries.  God may lead your family to earn extra money by employing innovative ideas.  Sometimes God will work in dramatic and unexpected ways such as an unexpected bonus, new job, or an inheritance.  Regardless, you will see Him at work! 

Your involvement in our Global Impact Mission Giving will mean that more people will hear about Jesus our savior, that more people will be cared for, our global impact will be greater, and the glory of God will be known among more people.  It will be a blessing to your life. 

Will you sacrificially give so others will hear and know the love and salvation of Jesus Christ?



Because of Jesus’ Great Commission to us in Matthew 28:16-20, First Baptist Church of Perry is highly involved in missions! As a church that practices Acts 1:8, we strive to minister locally (through our local benevolence and partnership with Perry Volunteer Outreach), regionally (throughout the state and mission trips to places such as Lynch, Kentucky), and also throughout the world in such places as Nicaragua, Israel, Malawi, and Italy just to name a few. If you would like to find out more about our mission trips this year contact Terry McNair at tmcnair@fbperry.com


 First Baptist has a house on our property that we use to house missionaries that are home on furlough or in temporary need of housing. If you are a missionary looking for a place to stay when you are stateside, please call us &/or click the link to fill out an application.